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"Start cloning yourself to work 24/7 online effectively and automate your leads funnel"
Stand Out From The Crowd!
Have you been spending tons of money on FB & Google Ads but achieving little results? What's the point of driving online traffic when your website doesn't convert?
Trying to recruit new agents or build your sales leads online?
Don't commit the same old mistakes that other agents did.
Find out how you can clone yourself online working 24/7,
so that you can spend more time with your family
instead of unqualified prospects!

From the Desk of PK SOH

There must be a reason why you are visiting this website.
Chances are you could be facing the dilemma of spending huge sums of money on online ads or learning new techniques to generate leads more effectively.
I believe I can help.
Real Estate Business Funnel Automation Workshop
Date/Time: Monday 10 July 2017, 7pm
Venue: 3 Bishan Place 6th Floor Seminar Room Singapore 579838 (CPF Building besides Junction 8)
Price: FREE
What you will learn in our FREE Workshop
  • One unique way to bring in cold online leads who stick with you and other agents will pale in comparison. And you can automate the whole process to free up more time for other priorities in life.
  • How you can revolutionalise new project marketing so that you can filter hot qualified leads who naturally and subconsciously want to subscribe to you, without feeling being sold. And you can automate the whole process.
  • How you can use the same strategy for your real estate recruitment, and you can automate the whole process.
  • And how you can leverage on powerful Clickfunnels platform that I am personally building my online marketing funnels , and I will do a live demonstration.
Hey there.  I know it is challenging, even when the market is picking up ...
Everyone is fighting for the same pie - online and offline.
And you were told to spend a lot on advertisements because it is a numbers' game!?

But wait!
Have you already been trained on a proper blueprint for a proper leads generation funnel?
Do you have a powerful tool to do that?
Is your website ending up as a showcase of your personal glory (that totally repel)?
Or is it a lengthy write up of new project launches that has no clear distinction from the others flooding the market.

This workshop will illustrate the latest psychological secrets of effective online funnels and how you can leverage on Clickfunnels to build your online leads generation empire.
( Click Above Video Image For A Short Sample )
Enroll now in this FREE Workshop and qualify for a FREE Done-for-you Real Estate Webinar Funnel that you can immediately personalize for your own use
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